About us

The company is a Saudi company headquartered in Jeddah and has been keen to provide the best services to the people of the House of God and where we offer annually at least 30 hotels at different levels and we provide our agents transport of various types of cars and models has helped us success our attention to attract permanent cadres With long experience in the field of religious tourism. This year's programs are designed specifically for people looking for quality services, punctuality and honesty in the treatment and We take care of all the requirements of the pilgrims and meet their needs by providing services suitable to the guests of the Rahman, taking into account the welfare and comfort so that the Mu'tamir will devote himself to worship and be fraught with experienced guides who are highly experienced in the implementation of the programs and thus distinguish us from others.
(And we look forward to being partners in this success).

Integrated Umrah and Hajj Program

Which begins with issuing visas and air tickets, and ends with your return to your home from the holy land of God.

No trip is complete without an enjoyable meal

Our service includes everything from the 5 * buffet, and we can give your guests many options to suit their needs

Need for transportation

We have a wide range of transportation, from economical buses to luxury private cars