To become our agent, there are terms, criteria and steps to follow


1- Have a legal entity in your country

2-  To be the holder of the necessary licenses to practice tourism and travel activities or to organize Umrah and pilgrimage trips issued by the competent authority.

3- Valid trade record (showing activity)

4- A permit to practice tourism activities or a permit from the Ministry of Awqaf or any other competent authority in your country (the external agent)

5- Copy of the passport of the owner of the agency or the general manager or who is authorized to sign the contracts

6- Your data as an external agent (address / telephone / fax / email / mobile)

7- Be a member of IATA International and your membership will be valid in the year of contract

8- If you have previously worked in the field of Umrah we have to emphasize that there is nothing to prevent your work or there are no penalties for you by the Ministry of Hajj or Interior Saudi Arabia

9- Provide letter of guarantee (source from the bank) on behalf of the Hijaz delegation company (SR 200,000) only two hundred thousand Saudi Riyals as a minimum to ensure good performance and comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia

10- All the documents of the tourism company (the external agent) are authenticated by the competent authorities in your country and if the documents in a language other than Arabic are translated from a certified translation office and then certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and then from the Saudi embassy in your country.

11- Delivery of all of the above papers after its ratification and SWIFT guarantee for the company of Hijaz delegations
Correspondent banks are reviewed to issue a local letter of guarantee

12-  All papers sent by you (the external agent) from the Saudi Foreign Ministry within the Kingdom shall be certifiedThe full treatment is submitted to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj after being submitted to the Umrah system

13-  The activation and receipt of the number of copies of the contract will be delivered to you a copy of you (the external agent) and a copy of the delegation of Hijaz

14- The External Agent shall review the Saudi Embassy in his country to obtain under the contract a user name and a password with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

15- Work the user name and password of the external agent on the automated system of Umrah to feed the system the names of pilgrims wishing to perform Umrah after selecting programs that can work on them

16-  The Hijaz delegation company will inform you (the external agent) of the regulations and laws that you must follow and inform the pilgrims to abide by them

17-  You must always contact the sales and marketing team and the central reservation to make all the necessary arrangements for booking the rooms and transportation or any services required in principle to open files before starting the marketing process in the foreign agent's country.

18- After the completion of the supply of the Umrah system for Umrah and all their data, they are sent to the company for review and the issuance of an invoice to the group is due within 3 working days or the amount is transferred to the company's account to pay on his behalf

20- After the invoice payment process, the automated system of the Umrah will issue a special reference number for each traveler in the group sent to the system

21- You (the external agent) enter the reference numbers on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for each Umrah and upload the picture of each Mu'tammer and link them to the reference number. And print bar code
The foreign agent reviews the consulate in his country to hand over the origin of the passports, as well as any special documents indicating the relation of the pilgrims to each of them.

22- The external agent will confirm the flight and the final status of the room reservation in both Makkah and Madinah with the central booking team

23- The external agent will supply the automated system for Umrah with the visa numbers obtained from the Saudi consulate, as well as the arrival and departure data including the entry port and the flight details. The operations and operations team will follow up the arrival of the pilgrims and serve them in the required manner, based on their contracted program.